Our approach


We work with schools in our Multi-Academy Trust to develop and deliver sustainable, cost-effective improvements for school leadership and teachers alike.

Developing effective leadership and governance models

  • Outstanding principals and senior leadership teams
  • Devolved leadership models across our schools
  • Focus on pedagogy and educational standards
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring

Excellent teaching and learning experience

  • Outstanding teaching and learning
  • Continuous professional development available to school leaders and teachers
  • Flexible support, tailored to the needs of each school
  • A culture of high expectations and aspirations across the group that results in an outcomes-driven school curriculum
  • Assessment for learning-driving performance

Supportive and engaging learning environments

  • Attractive learning environments that promote engagement – in classrooms and beyond
  • A culture that encourages positive behaviours in the learning environment
  • Opportunities for students to help shape their learning experience through student leadership programmes

A 21st century curriculum

  • A focus on core learning skills: literacy, numeracy and communication
  • Broad curriculum offer, tailored to students’ interests
  • Opportunities to develop additional skills through arts, sport and adventure learning
  • Blended learning, embedding new technologies in the classroom
  • Local and global citizenship and understanding
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop invaluable leadership and entrepreneurial skills

Developing strong community links

  • Engaging parents and carers in a partnership with the trust and our academies and schools
  • Developing community partnerships with local sports and arts centres, outdoor education groups, businesses and social enterprises, helping provide students with realistic learning opportunities
  • Working with Children’s Services and Multi-Agency teams to support vulnerable and disabled young people to overcome barriers to learning
  • Establishing partnerships with other teaching providers