Our learning philosophy


At the heart of everything we do is our learning philosophy.

We understand how people learn best, and how to work with every individual to remove traditional barriers to learning. Our expertise in the field of neuroscience means that we understand the limitless capacity of the brain. We also recognise that emotional intelligence and a sense of purpose are essential for learners to fulfil their potential.

Our learning philosophy is rooted in the dynamics between the brain, motivation and our emotions. It recognises that:

  • Everyone has the capacity to learn effectively and to high levels. Understanding the brain and its capacity to expand and learn allows us to open up new opportunities.
  • Motivation is essential to success. By giving students a clear purpose for their learning, autonomy and involvement through the co-creation of their learning programme, and by providing opportunities to practise, practise, and practise again, they become highly motivated.
  • The biggest block to learning is our own emotions and feelings of inadequacy. We create learning environments where students feel emotionally safe and secure, able to experiment and learn, and able to manage their feelings so they gain confidence and self-worth and become independent, emotionally secure, mature individuals. We achieve this through coaching, individual sessions and group work. We help students to become positive people who can give and receive feedback. Our teachers and learning coaches have high expectations of students and encourage them to believe in themselves.

Download our Learning Philosophy postcards.