Our vision

Our vision

To deliver excellence in education and transform lives through learning.

Delivering our vision

To deliver against our vision, Activate Learning Educational Trust will:

  • Support the delivery of excellent teaching, learning and assessment and a quality learner experience, underpinned by high expectations and high aspirations
  • Support student progress, attainment and preparation for progression to work, apprenticeships, further or higher study. Our connectedness with employers and universities is essential to the delivery of this core purpose
  • Stay focused on secondary education, with a specialisation in 14+ ¬†technical education aligned to the needs of business and economic sectors important in its regions
  • Be regional, not national. However, regions may be wider for those schools that are specialist, such as UTCs and studio schools
  • Recognise that a number between 6-10 schools is needed to allow ALET to generate the cost efficiencies, school to school support mechanisms and service standards it aspires to
  • Share a mission to ‘transform lives through learning’, core values of empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation, and a central ‘learning philosophy’ with its Sponsor organisation, Activate Learning
  • Operate a highly (earned) delegated model of governance and leadership, locating the balance that needs to be struck between autonomy and sharing. What is sensible to do only once will be done through the MAT; what is sensible to do locally will be delegated to each school
  • Recognise that all schools in the MAT, whatever their circumstances, have something to give and receive in the pursuit of improvement.

Activate Learning is a sponsor to Activate Learning Educational Trust.