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Join the Activate Learning Education Trust family

As a Multi Academy Trust, we welcome all schools into our network of partnerships with universities, industry, public services, teaching schools and national organisations.

Activate Learning Education Trust promotes the principle of ‘supported autonomy’ and our improvement models reflect the level of support each academy requires from the Trust.

The three broad levels of delegation are:

Leadership Academies

Challenger Academies can be the ‘powerhouse’ to delivering improvement within the ALET family in conjunction with the Trust. They will work closely with external partners, teaching school alliances and national organisations. It is intended that Leadership Academies will be autonomous with most powers delegated to their local governing bodies, subject of course to them remaining outstanding or good.

Supported Academies

Supported Academies are those generally falling into the Ofsted ‘requires improvement’ category or at risk of falling into this category.
Here the objective will be to provide ongoing support and challenge to help them progress to ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’.

Sponsored Academies

Sponsored Academies are those usually falling into the ‘inadequate’ category. They require the maximum support within the ALET family. In these circumstances, ALET will select all the members of the local governing body, other than parental and staff representatives. A Sponsored Academy will have fewer powers delegated to it until it achieves a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted.

Benefits of joining our Multi Academy Trust

  • Excellent leadership being spread across ALL partner schools
  • Leadership development thet happens across all schools
  • Sharing of resources without any barriers
  • Reduced costs when contracts go across a group of schools
  • Ultimately all the schools become campuses of the whole ‘school’, which is the Trust
  • Each site and all staff have greater ‘clout’ across the whole community

Multi Academy Trusts…raising standards

  • The importance of strength and quality
  • Converting into a MAT can quickly strengthen and sustain a school
  • Decreases the fear of isolation
  • Performance can be driven up across the trust’s academies
  • Effective governance structures are a key factor in success
  • Economies of scale
  • Collaboration across Multi-Academy Trusts

What works, and what makes a great MAT?

A number of features emerge as common factors in success:

  • Ethos / vision / strategy
  •  A credible school improvement model
  • Quality of leadership and governance
  • Consistency and standardisation
  • Sound internal systems
  • Energy, commitment and accountability
  • Financial management

Working with the DfE and Regional Schools Commissioners

MATs are central to success of the DfE regional strategies

  • RSC’s are keen to support their strong MATs to realise ambitions to grow and develop
  • Support for Executive Education in schools and academies
  • Drivers of system leadership model.

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