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Join the Activate Learning Education Trust family

Our multi-academy school trust is on an exciting journey to help your school grow and develop. We will support you in raising standards and aspirations, helping students develop positive learning habits and invaluable employability skills.

We will help shape and embed a learning culture that:

  • Raises standards and aspirations through a culture of motivation for learning
  • Builds confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence in your students
  • Helps your students gain employability and soft skills, valued by employers and society
  • Creates meaningful career pathways for your students so they can progress to work, an apprenticeship or higher education
  • Provides your school community with access to professional support networks with like-minded schools and core professional services, helping save you time
  • Helps you develop connections with employers, government and academic partners.

Joining the Activate Learning Education Trust will help your school develop, by:

  • Gaining freedom from local authority controls
  • Developing greater control over budgets
  • Being able to set teachers’ pay and contracts
  • Increasing flexibility in the curriculum, term dates and length of school day

How to join

Join Activate Learning Education Trust and you will benefit from collaboration and resource sharing with all academies within our trust, helping ensure the long-term success of your school.

We will work closely to ensure your school’s autonomy and long term sustainability. Join us in a journey to deliver the best education experience possible and the highest standards of teaching. Contact us for more details.

“I am delighted to be working with our partner and sponsor Activate Learning in building what we expect to become an exceptional school. Our staff are incredibly committed and highly professional with awillingness to go the extra mile for our students.” (Tony Rushworth, Headteacher, The Bicester School)