Our Trust

Activate Learning Education Trust (ALET)

UTC Reading is part of Activate Learning Education Trust, a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) established by Activate Learning, run with the support of a number of industry and academic partners.

We ‘transform lives through learning’ by providing exciting, innovative education for young people, with a focus on STEM subjects and employer engagement.

Our Vision

Transforming lives through learning

Our Mission

To ‘transform lives through learning’ by igniting confidence, expanding opportunities, energising the community and generating prosperity. Through our Learning Philosophy and core values of empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation, we provide our students and staff with a safe and supportive environment in which to thrive.

Our Values

Empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation

Our Learning Philosophy

At UTC Reading, our approach to teaching and learning is driven by a distinctive Learning Philosophy.

This philosophy has been developed by members of the Activate Learning group and recognises three essential elements for effective learning:

Our brains are capable of incredible things. From the study of neuroscience, we understand that the brain connects neurons to make networks. These networks strengthen and work faster through repeated use. We believe in hard work and recognise the value in working through our failures so that we are constantly learning and improving.

We need to motivate ourselves in order to do the practice that strengthens the networks in our brains. By repeatedly demonstrating the relevance and impact of newly learnt skills and knowledge, we maintain our students’ motivation.

Our emotional response to studying has a massive influence on how we learn. The more positive our learners’ emotional response to studying is, the more likely they are to engage with and remember what they’re learning.

At UTC Reading, this philosophy translates into an educational experience which offers:

  • Opportunities to test new skills through practical, real-world projects 
  • Experiences of work which demonstrate the relevance and impact of knowledge 
  • A focus on developing independent learning skills, communication and teamwork 
  • A supportive learning environment which encourages students to take risks and learn from mistakes  

Attributes for success

We work closely with employers to identify the characteristics and skills they are looking for in potential employees.

We help our learners identify which of these desirable attributes they have and which they can strengthen throughout their programme, ensuring their future employability is the focus throughout their studies.


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