UTCO computer scientists clinch Inspiration Award

UTC Oxfordshire’s Y12 computer scientists have clinched the Inspiration Award in the Y12-13 category at this year’s prestigious Raspberry Pi Competition.

The Raspberry Pi Competition is an annual event aimed at fostering innovation and creativity among UK students, using coding and technological skills to solve real-world problems.

The Y12 team, called Sixth Sense, were driven by a common goal: to improve mental wellbeing. Their project focused on aiding individuals with sensory processing difficulties (SPD), a condition often overlooked in mainstream healthcare.

Their device, a testament to creativity and engineering ingenuity, analysed environmental inputs and provided easy-to-understand feedback. This innovation aimed to empower those with SPD, helping them navigate their surroundings with greater comfort and confidence.

Recognised for their resourcefulness, Sixth Sense received the Inspiration award for their year group, returning from Google with a  trophy and £1,000 award for the school!

Computer Science teacher Konstantinos Kousoulidis said: “Their project symbolised the power of youthful innovation and empathy, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to address real-world challenges.

As they continue to refine their creation, Sixth Sense serves as a reminder of the impact small teams can have when driven by compassion and a desire to make a difference. Their journey in the competition exemplifies the transformative potential of student-led initiatives in the field of health and wellbeing.”

You can watch the students’ entry here, where they explain more about how their application works:

Read more about the PA Raspberry Pi Competition here


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