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Our schools work together with a culture of shared leadership, expertise, resources and efficiencies. We deliver an excellent education within a caring and nurturing environment. We see ourselves as a central community hub and strive to provide equal access to education, opportunities and support for all.

If that sounds like the kind of Trust you want to join, read more below and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Our Trust is on a mission to Transform Lives Through Learning, and this applies just as much to staff development as it does to students. We are a family of schools united by this mission, by delivering excellent teaching and learning for our students, continuous improvement and personal development for our staff, and a collaborative, supportive and ambitious environment for all.

Jo Harper

CEO, Activate Learning Education Trust

why join our trust?

ALET is dedicated to Transforming Lives through Learning in everything we do. Our family of six schools works collaboratively to ensure the very best outcomes for all, and our schools see progress… and fast. We support our team, be they staff, senior management or governors, by delivering:

  • Opportunities for schools to learn from each other, sharing best practice advice so that all our students get the best academic and social learning experiences.
  • School improvement support, objective assessment of educational standards, training and strategic planning expertise.
  • CPD pathways providing training and career opportunities to support all staff at each stage of their career.
  • Links with local and national employers, providing inspirational learning and destination vision for our students.
  • A dedicated central team offering professional expertise and support in finance, HR, marketing and governance, freeing headteachers to focus on what really matters – teaching and learning in schools.
  • A SEND team who are passionate about supporting children who require additional support to reach their potential and have a strong track record of achieving EHCPs and additional exceptional needs funding.
  • An experienced MAT Board whose members and trustees provide support, advice and guidance, ensuring that we meet our legal obligations.



Our six schools are truly individual and have their own curriculums, procedures and personalities, all tailored to suit their unique communities. This individualism is supported by strong collaborative networks across all aspects of the Trust. We work with, learn from and support one another to develop localised solutions to the challenges we face in order to achieve the highest outcomes, aspirations and opportunities for our children, parents, staff and wider community.

We work to achieve the following:

  • To identify and share expertise, strengths and resources to improve our provision together and raise educational standards
  • To promote collaboration among all staff and learners across the Trust to reduce workload and get best value when sourcing supplies and services
  • To provide support to individual principals to free them up to focus on the curriculum and community
  • To identify collaborative projects that impact upon the children’s learning and give them opportunities
  • Staff wellbeing days
  • ALET conference twice a year
  • School-to-school support – teachers and support staff supporting each other
  • Central Admissions software
  • Bursary Software planning
  • Shared recruitment opportunities where we collaborate to find the best candidates for a range of jobs across the Trust.


whats in it for me?

For headteachers:
You will be part of the support network for heads providing you with a fantastic opportunity to participate in a new and exciting approach to collaborative leadership. You and your team will be able to access our central team for support in HR, comms, finance and marketing, as well as estates management and governance.

For governors:
You will be part of a wide network of governors and experience the security of working alongside other experienced people, able to share expertise, ideas and challenges across the Trust. You will be able to support and challenge your headteacher to focus more on teaching and learning outcomes, and access our training materials.

For staff:
Your terms and conditions of employment remain the same but in addition you will have access to staff in other schools, to share best practice and support strategies, as well as many opportunities for CDP and enhanced career pathways across the Trust.

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