Speak Up Speak Out safeguarding campaign

In our schools, we are all safe, respected and heard because we Speak Up, Speak Out.


Speak Up, Speak Out is a Trust-wide campaign designed to ensure that all students feel safe and happy at school, and know what to do if they, or someone they know, isn’t.  It combines many strands, including our PSHE curriculum, safeguarding, anti-bullying and respectful behaviours.  It involves assemblies, tutor sessions, posters around school and even staff training, and flows through into our behaviour rewards and sanctions systems.

Each school has a form of student-led manifesto which outlines how we all want to behave and work together, and has been distilled into posters and screens you can see as you walk around our schools.

If students, parents, governors or visitors to our school see something, they are urged to report it to a member of the safeguarding team (who wear special lanyards), a tutor, teacher or any adult you trust.  We also have Whisper, an anonymous service that lets you report a problem to our team. 


Each school has this system.  Anyone can send a text to 07860 021323, starting their message with a bespoke code per school, tell us what they’re worried about and wait for a reply.  This service is anonymous, so we ask for names if the person wants us to know who you are. We’ll reply within two school days, and only in term time, so this service is for non-urgent things.

If it’s urgent, everyone is directly to speak to a member of staff they trust.

More information on Whisper, including FAQs, can be found here.