Employer involvement in our schools enriches the school curriculum and ultimately helps transform the lives of our young people. But it also helps our employers shape the future of their workforce, and can be really beneficial for the personal and professional development of staff.

It doesn’t matter whether employers can be involved for an hour once a term or every week: every interaction our students have shapes their development.

See below for some of the ways employers work with ALET schools, and how to get in touch for more information.


Curriculum talks and workshops

Delivered within timetabled lessons across the academic year, employer support in our subject areas is key to linking curriculum learning to the world of work. For students, this adds context to their learning and enables them to see real-world applications of their subjects; this could be a standalone talk or a series of workshops over time. Our UTCs in particular offer a whole school curriculum plan and would be able to advise where your talk or workshop may fit best.



Our UTCs run employer project days, which provide a fantastic opportunity for students to work on real-life, world of work activities and develop those all-important employability skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. By collapsing the timetable for the day, our students get the opportunity to work on something totally different to the norm and outside of the curriculum, delving into an exciting STEM project, solving briefs, and developing solutions. Projects in the past have included designing a school of the future, addressing world sustainability issues such as food waste, and a project looking at the regeneration of unused power plants.


All of our schools run or visit local Careers Fairs, with the aim of widening student understanding of industries and sectors in the world of work. Here  the students can engage and network with a range of providers and gain an insight into universities, apprenticeships, courses and employment opportunities.


Throughout the academic year employers support students with workshops covering mock interviews, CV and cover letter writing, personal statement clinics, apprenticeship application workshops, LinkedIn workshops, mock assessment centres, psychometric testing insights and digital literacy skills such as email writing. These are delivered in a variety of ways.


This includes traditional work experience for a number of students, work shadowing days for individuals or a visit to your institution for a group of 30+ students. Post Covid, we know that face-to-face experiences have the most impact and we strive to give all of our students at least one experience of the workplace per key stage.


If you are interested in supporting ALET students, then please email our head of Employer Engagement Strategy  to discuss how you could get involved.