Welcome to Activate Learning Education Trust

Activate Learning Education Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) established by Activate Learning.

We deliver excellence in education and transform lives through learning by providing exciting and innovative education for young people.

Activate Learning is the sponsor for Activate Learning Education Trust, which is run with the support of a number of industry and academic partners.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission is “to deliver excellence in education and to transform lives through learning”, bringing to life our core values of empowerment, enterprise, connectedness and transformation. We work hard to ignite confidence, expand opportunities, energise the community and generate prosperity.

These values are further supported by our learning philosophy, rooted in the dynamics between the brain, motivation and our emotions.

Together they shape the learning experience of thousands of students across our group, fostering a culture of high aspirations.
Activate Learning Education Trust has developed a model for a high quality learner experience, which:

  • Supports student progress, attainment and preparation for progression
  • Focuses on secondary education, aligned to regional business needs
  • Operates a delegated model of school governance and leadership, striking the right balance between autonomy and sharing.